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3 Things You Need to Know About Engineering Plastics

Have you ever heard of the term engineering plastics? Does that mean plastic that is engineered? It could be. This type of plastic is often used for technical and industrial purposes. So, what are the things you need to know about this plastic? Check out the following explanation!

What is Engineering Plastic?

Engineering plastic is one type of plastic made from chemicals and produced synthetically. This type of plastic usually has unique properties, including high and low temperature resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, and stiffness or flexibility according to different application needs. Indeed, this type of plastic is designed specifically to meet more specific application needs. Its production also uses advanced production technology by combining several chemical materials.

Examples of Engineering Plastics

After you understand what engineering plastic is, here are some examples of engineering plastics that you also need to know:

  1. Acetal (POM), which is plastic with a high degree of stiffness and low friction and wear resistance. This type of plastic is often used to make bearings, gear teeth, and other machine components.
  2. Polyether sulfone (PES), which is a strong and high-temperature resistant plastic, is often used to make filters, medical equipment, and chemical tubes.
  3. Polyamide (PA), is a plastic that is wear and friction resistant.
  4. Polycarbonate (PC), which is a type of plastic that is strong and impact resistant, often used to make bottle caps, protective glass, and electronic equipment.
  5. Polyetherimide (PEI), is a plastic that is heat and strength resistant and safe to use for making airplane parts, machine components, and even fans.

The Uses of Engineering Plastics

Here are the uses of engineering plastics that you need to know:


Engineering plastics can be used to make various tools, such as batteries, cellphone cases, laptop elements, and many more. This is because the materials used are high temperature and chemical resistant.

Food Packaging

You can use engineering plastics to make food packaging, such as boxes, bottles, food storage, and so on. This type of plastic is safe from chemicals and can protect food from contamination.


Besides the above two, engineering plastics can also be used to make various car parts, such as seats, interior trims, grilles, and even engine covers. This plastic has durability, strength and can replace metal materials in some applications.

In addition, engineering plastics can also be used for airplane parts and medical equipment. This plastic is indeed unique because it can be customized for various applications and needs. So, you don’t need to worry about safe, durable, and temperature-resistant materials anymore.

Those are some things you need to know about engineering plastics. Indeed, this plastic is specially designed and unique, making it easier for humans to work with. Do you need a reliable plastic distributor? ADPI is the solution! As a trusted distributor, we offer various high-quality plastic resins from leading manufacturers.

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