Nylon Injection Molding

Get to know the Nylon character & Application of Nylon Injection Molding

Nylon injection molding is a process for creating a product that utilizes machine print injection using _ nylon material as an ingredient. Basic Nylon injection molding is often used in making various products like making shoes and belts and also doing equipment sports. With the owned character of nylon makes it suitable used in the process of Nylon injection molding, such as :

1. High strength: One of the owned characteristics of nylon ie high strength, with characteristics this make product is made with an ingredient that usually has the power to last longer. 

2. Good elasticity: With characteristics of good elasticity, products made with the use of this nylon material are usually characteristic supple and have no easy crack and no easy break.

3. Stand to friction: With characteristics of a stand to friction, create a product made with this nylon material, which is usually more durable and has no easy scratched or eroded.

4. Stand against water: the character next, owned by nylon, could stand against water. Made products made with this nylon material are usually more durable and not easily affected by weather or conditions in a humid environment. 

Application Nylon Injection Molding

As explained previously, Nylon injection molding is often used in various products. Not only it application of nylon as well many used in a number of need others, among others:

  • Ethnic group spares automotive: nylon is often used as an ingredient base for producing ethnic group spare automotive, among others, like making component machines and transmission, channel ingredient burn and brakes, and connector electricity. Besides that, the material base has superiority in that it has high strength, power holds well, and has too low friction, making it suitable for applying this.
  • Wheel tooth and bearing: With high strength, durability tired of the good, and coefficient of low friction. _ Makes a lot of nylon used for wheel teeth and bearing.
  • Component electricity: Nylon is too often used to make component electricity, among others like connectors, fastener cables, and insulators. The characteristics of isolation, good electricity, and stability dimensions make it very suitable for applying this.
  • Goods sports: before explained that nylon too used for making tool sports, incl racket tennis, head golf clubs, and component bicycle. With the advantages, it is so suitable for applied to tool sports.
  • Toys: Besides, there’s too many used to make a toy for children, including action figures and dolls. Because nylon has good toughness, is easy to color, and is an easy manufacturing process, this material is very suitable for applying this.

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