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Know the Use of Polystyrene Injection Molding & The pluses

Polystyrene is a type of plastic that is widely used in thermoplastic injection molding, this synthetic polymer is often used when printing the packaging and component industries.

Usually in the form of foam or plastic, this plastic material is non-toxic and odorless. With these advantages, this type of plastic is often used for the food packaging industry and the automation industry.

The use of Polystyrene Injection molding plastic can also be applied such as:


As previously explained, Polystyrene plastic is commonly used to produce packaging for food, beverages and medicines. With long-lasting properties and also easy to form, making it suitable for packaging production materials.

Household appliances

In addition to packaging, Polystyrene Injection molding is also often used to produce household appliances such as food storage containers, trash containers, and other kitchen utensils.

Electronic Components

Polystyrene is also often used as a material for making electronic components such as smartphone cases, computer cases, and many more.

Entertainment Products

Making entertainment products in question, namely products that are useful for entertainment such as toys. Polystyrene material is often used to produce children’s toys, dolls and accessories.

Cosmetic Products

Many cosmetic products currently circulating among the public are also produced using polystyrene materials. But not for the basic ingredients of cosmetics. But for the manufacture of cosmetic packaging such as products such as perfume bottles, shampoo packaging, and much more.

Automotive Products

In the automotive industry, many manufacture components such as dashboards, center consoles, and many more. All the components mentioned are manufactured using Polystyrene.

Those are some industries that use Polystyrene Injection molding. In the Injection molding process, Polystyrene material also has several advantages that make this material widely used by people.

Some of the advantages include:

An affordable price

Polystyrene material is one of the most affordable types of plastic, so it is easy to obtain and is also widely used in the injection molding process. Polystyrene injection molding is an economical process that can produce high volumes of products quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing production costs.

Easy to Form

With the polystyrene feature that is easily formed, it makes this material easy to produce in various shapes and sizes as desired. Polystyrene injection molding allows easy customization by changing the mold design and material properties to meet specific product requirements.


Polystyrene has a low density, making this material very light. As such, this material is particularly suitable for use in products that must be handled easily, such as packaging. Polystyrene is a lightweight material which makes it ideal for producing products that need to be lightweight, such as packaging materials.


Polystyrene also has long-lasting properties and can also be resistant to damage, so that products made from polystyrene are generally durable and also not easily damaged.


Polystyrene is easy to print, making this material widely used to manufacture products with complex designs.

That is the use of Polystyrene Injection Molding and also its advantages, those of you who need it can entrust it to ADP. ADP is a leading polymer provider in Indonesia with over 30 years of experience.

Polystyrene injection molding is an important and popular manufacturing process in today’s manufacturing industry. By understanding the benefits, applications, and limitations of these processes, companies can choose the right manufacturing process to meet their product needs and produce high-quality products in a cost-effective manner.

In addition, it is also ready to help every industry to serve leading manufacturers in various industries by offering one-stop raw material solutions to meet all your needs. For example various kinds of plastic commodities such as engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, coatings and additives. For more detailed information, please visit our official website at https://adpi.co/

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