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Polycarbonate Covestro’s Industrial Application Products

What is Covestro? Covestro is a leading producer of polymer polycarbonate (PC), which has performance world’s highest for applications like ethnic group spare automotive, components electronics, and materials construction. The range can include polycarbonate as well as a precursor for foam polyurethane. With it, one polycarbonate plastic that has tall, lightweight, and permanent transparency makes all things can be resolved properly.

Covestro himself has produced various product polycarbonate, including macrolone, resins, and sheets another polycarbonate for an application like automotive, electricity and electronics, and so on.

Component Automotive Polycarbonate used in making component automotive-like lens lamp front, components dashboard, and glass spy exterior.

  • Component Electronic

The polycarbonate is used in the production of component electronics, like connector, switch, and housing.

  • Construction 

The polycarbonate used in construction applications like glazing, skylights, and roof systems.

  • Device Medical

Device medical use on polycarbonate, eg _ machine dialysis, respirators, and equipment protector.

Covestro polycarbonate is also used for the product application industry like makrolon, bayblend, and APEC. Products this designed to fulfill need Specific to various industries and applications that can be adapted to suit the need of the project.

  • Polycarbonate For Industry Makrolon

Polycarbonate makrolon has a very natural strong light with transparency like glass, and holds clash even at very high temperatures. Plus, polycarbonate makrolon has stability, high dimensions, and easy _ formed. Covestro also offers Suite mixture polycarbonate, such as makrolon RX and makrolon DP.

  1. Makrolon RX, included in type polycarbonate class normal medical _ used in device and packaging medical.
  2. Whereas makrolon DP, is a mixture of polycarbonate stand API used for the application of electricity and electronics.
  • Polycarbonate For Industry Bayblend

Bayblend is a brand mixture of polycarbonate manufactured by Covestro. Bayblend is made by combining polycarbonate and polymer, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polystyrene (PS). 

Bayblend is known for its strength, rigidity, durability, high impact, as well as stability dimensions, and properties of good insulation electricity. Currently, Covestro offers a Suite of product bayblend with different properties and characteristics, p _ this used to fulfill the need of various industries and applications. Product the is bay blend T45, bayblend FR30, and bayblend MFI 15.

  • Polycarbonate For APEC Industry

APEC is designed to beat hot with its diverse uniqueness, ie, its transparency and extraordinary brilliance normally, especially when combined with resilience tall to hot. This type can withstand the temperature between -30°C to 150°C for quite a long time. Not only that, but APEC also has stability and sufficient dimensions well, so it can be used to manufacture component precision with low tolerance.

That’s it. A few product application industries produced by Covestro polycarbonate Fulfill a need. 

That’s the application of Covestro Polycarbonate for industry, so those of you who need it can trust ADP. ADP is a leading polymer provider in Indonesia with more than 30 years of experience. In addition, it is also ready to help every industry to serve leading manufacturers in various industries by offering one-stop raw material solutions to meet all your needs. For example various kinds of plastic commodities such as engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, coatings and additives. For more complete information, we are polycarbonate resin supplier, covestro polycarbonate seller, covestro polycarbonate distributor, covestro polycarbonate agent from Indonesian. please visit our official website at https://adpi.co.

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