Kegunaan Plastik Resin, Use of Plastic Resin

Here’s the Use of Plastic Resin That You Must Know!

Have you ever heard of the term plastic resin? This plastic, which is commonly used in the industrial world, is actually often used for crafts! Resin has many uses and variations that can be considered one of its strengths. What are they? Check out the following explanations!

Main Material for Making Car Bodies

Car bodies are made using resin as the main material. Resin has lightweight with a strong density, making it suitable as raw material for car bodies. Car bodies or bumpers that use resin are very safe for protection from accidents while driving.

So, how is it made? The manufacturing process for making car bodies uses the fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) technique. This process uses resin and fiberglass to produce a strong car body.

The mold uses clay or polystyrene as the base material, then coated with a release agent. Fiberglass is cut to size and placed on the mold. The resin and catalyst mixture is mixed into the fiberglass so that the resin spreads over the entire surface.

After the resin and fiberglass are compressed, the mixture will harden and form a sturdy structure. Then it is dried strictly to avoid deformation. Then the finishing stage is done, including painting, polishing, and adding accessories.

Aesthetic and Trendy Crafts

Plastic resin can be used to make various handicrafts. Since resin is liquid and can solidify, it is very suitable for various shapes.

Crafts that commonly use resin as the base material are dandelion necklaces, glasses, jewelry, ornaments or decorative sculptures, coaster sets, accessories, and many more. Usually resin is often combined with glitter in crafts to give a beautiful impression. Of course, you can create and innovate on your own with this one resin material.

Not only that, you can add appropriate colors or materials with other textures. Examples of crafts that you can also make are cups, necklaces, keychains, and jars. Of course, they look simple, but if you polish them a little more, they will become aesthetic and trendy items.

Furniture Coating for a Luxurious Impression

In addition to car bodies and handicrafts, the resin can also be used as a furniture coating for homes. If you have a plain house, it is certainly very boring, right? Therefore, this resin material can be utilized and developed.

Furniture that can be combined with resin are tables, desk lamps, wall clocks, bookshelves, displays, and so on. Tables can be formed into a river flow using resin, especially for split or hollow wooden tables.

Those are some of the uses of plastic resin that you must know. Perhaps after this, you can try to create your own masterpiece with resin for a more trendy result.

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